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Please see below for our pre-determined bookable charter trips. Alternatively to this if you would like to tailor your trip to suit your specific requirements please contact Dan directly on 07969394204

If Dan is unable to be reached (out of signal range) please leave a voicemail and he will get back to you. If he has not returned your call please ring again a bit later in the day as he may not have received your message. Alternatively send him a text or a what's app message and he will get back to you when he can.

Please note: During the busy periods (summer holidays) it may take him longer to respond due to the volume of calls/messages/emails he is receiving! Please be patient with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Blue Strike Bow

Safety Notice

You must read and comply with this notice before boarding Blue Strike

1. Please listen to skipper and crews instructions at all times

2. Do not attempt to embark or disembark the vessel until it has been secured to the Quayside, always make sure you have a hand free to grab handrails and take special care in icy conditions as the quay and vessel may be slippery

3. Take care to avoid getting hands and feet trapped between the vessel and the dock

4. Always be careful moving around the boat, keep belongings stowed out of the way to avoid causing an obstruction to yourself and others

5. Be careful when using knives to cut bait or fillet fish, store knives safely and only cut bait and fillet fish in calm waters.

6. Hooks are sharp and weights swinging out of control can cause injury to yourself and other anglers - always be in control of your rod and watch it when bringing it inside the vessel

7. Ask if you require assistance to land your catch, The skippers decision is final on minimum size limit of fish. Alternatively please use the fish scale to measure your catch and ensure it is legal to land

We want everyone to have an enjoyable day and catch some decent fish. So lets Go!

D James (Blue Strike 2023) Owner

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